Global Warming Through History (Pt. 3)

CHARLES DICKENS - HARD TIMES Describing 19th century Pollution Charles Dickens live in the exact same period the Second Industrial Revolution took place. He himself lived the worker life, beginning at a very young age as his father was imprisoned and he was put to work in a factory. When finally the father was revealed … Continue reading Global Warming Through History (Pt. 3)


Global Warming Through History (Pt. 2)

When it all started - Second Industrial Revolution The excess takes over                                                                                       … Continue reading Global Warming Through History (Pt. 2)

Global Warming Through History (Pt. 1)

Introduction From the 19th century  it seemed clear that there were some issues related to the imbalances caused by human technology on the environment, such as George Marsh, who in 1864 denounced the dangers of the imprudent exploitation of nature. In 1866 then, he introduced the concept and the term of "ecology" . In general, … Continue reading Global Warming Through History (Pt. 1)

Thoughts about Consumerism

Do you really need what you're admiring in that shop's window? Or you just crave it? You want it because you think you might need it the future or just because the others have it? Do you really need to lower yourself to the absolute plain and detailed program society has written for you from … Continue reading Thoughts about Consumerism

Phone Support for Charging + Pen Holder

This might be the perfect solution if you want to keep your desk clean with your phone and pens all in one place so you don't have to search for them every time. Your phone stays up, in a way that you can see every message that arrives even if it's in silence mode and … Continue reading Phone Support for Charging + Pen Holder

Climate Change and Global Warming

Explanations and doubts Everyone keeps talking about Climate Change, referring to the current problem of the warming of our atmosphere and the big climate changes the Planet (and the humans) is dealing with. However, is it the right name for this "problem"? Then what about Global Warming? Is it different? Is it the same thing? … Continue reading Climate Change and Global Warming

What do we do?

Why should we take action over Gobal Warming? Why we've been told that everyone is involved but we can't really feel how our little gestures can effectively help the environment? Why do we think that only the "big ones", "the others" can do something tangible? Why is this happening